Roncesvalles Students Residence

Av. de Sancho El Fuerte, 28,
31008 Pamplona, Navarra


The most frequent questions will be dealt with below, if after reading them you have more questions feel free to contact us.

103 distributed over 5 floors.

The rooms are newly renovated and have everything a university girl needs: full bathroom to have privacy, natural light, desk and chair to study, space to feel free, calm to rest, a large wardrobe to fill with your garments, Wi-Fi for browsing and full-length mirror. All are sized at more than 14m2. 

The rooms are personal and only allow to accommodate a resident who lives therein.

 Companions who live for 2nd year or more, have preference in the choice, however, we do a study of your profile so that you fit in the location and with the people with whom you share your plant, with the actual centre entrusted with assigning the rooms. 

 Yes. Once a week the cleaning staff will make your room and bathroom and will take the opportunity to give you clean sheets and towels. It’s your duty to take care of it and keep it neat and tidy. They will also give you one washing machine token per week. 

We are governed by the University calendar. That way, the term starts on September 1 and ends on May 31. The official incorporation for welcoming days takes place at the end of August.

Of course, although we hope it is not necessary, as that means you will have passed everything. For those who have an exam still to sit, internship or other reason (medical students due to their academic calendar), we will be open regardless of whether the course has concluded. In that period, we begin to operate as a "hostel", thus enriching the experience.

If we have beds available and you book in advance… of course they can! We love to welcome your family or friends. You could redeem it for credit then or by assuming payment for a night with services. 

  • During Christmas and Easter holidays (due to holiday closures). Without vacating the room.
  • The months of July and August (due to completion of the academic activity at the University). The room will be vacated..

Those who continue to live here can leave things for the next year (well named and in the places authorised for this purpose).

All food is prepared by our team of cooks in the residence. It is managed by the company AUSOLAN and is supervised and agreed upon in coordination with the floor managers and nutrition students. They are healthy, ecological menus and locally sourced insofar as is possible. We employ 2 cooks and 3 assistants to provide the service in a streamlined manner.

The breakfasts are continental: toast, sausage, juices, cereals, coffees, milk and other dairy products, fruit, butter, jam...

The meals and dinners consist of - mixed salads, starters, main course and dessert to choose from. A sample menu can be consulted in the "admission" section next to the economic conditions.  

It is not an à la carte menu, though it does vary, and the residents have 3 options from which, they choose 2 dishes. They are an active part of the preparation of menus.  

A recent innovation is that on weekdays at lunchtime there are two main course options! 

Definitely! If you provide sufficient forewarning, you can take tupperware or a packed-lunch to University. Also, there is a possibility that you can sit down to eat one hour after the dining service ends. In that case, we'll book your tray with your name and menu.

Yes. If it is your case, you must notify us of this in the interview so that we can respond to your needs. Upon arrival, you must provide a medical document detailing your intolerance to transfer it to the kitchen equipment so that they can arrange your diet.

Included: breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week, except for dinner on Saturday. That day, for weekly rest of the cooks, there is no service. Going home on weekends does not give rise to a fee reduction.

Our girls are Roncesvalles’ best asset. They are 103 delightful people from different parts of Spain and abroad. We usually have 10% international students, girls from different courses, being the 1st and 2nd most and students from all branches of knowledge of the University. Of these 103 students, 100 are from UNAV and 3 from UPNA.

Between 30 and 40 per cent of girls usually spend their weekends at home. There are dates when we have "brain drain" for designated holidays, but the most common is to find your place here and stay to study, to discover Pamplona, to have a great time with pals...

On average 2 years. We have intrepid women who live 3 years and even the whole course... what will be your case? First... experience it first and then, allow yourself be dazzled by the magic of Ronces.

The renovation of the place is a two-way process. We are always committed to taking advantage of the place 100% and that implies: participation, respect for the regulations, care for the project of the centre. 

 Days are filled with all sorts of activities: from those that dawn calm and you can take walks or watch series on Netflix, to the busiest: classes, practices, seminars, sports, activities... The key, as in everything, is sensible time management to take advantage of this experience that your family gives you to the fullest. Every week we arrange activities that help in the integration of the residents, as well as complementing the personal CV of each one and enrich the university experience in a major way. We offer: reading club, excursions, wine tastings, academic workshops, karaoke, themed meals... 

Its female undergraduates, undoubtedly. Noble, loving and long-lasting companions who will become your second family. Regardless of whether you live near or far from Pamplona. You will find your group (big or small) and they will become your friends forever.

One of the peculiarities of Ronces is its accompanying service. You can do your best, turn around a bad day, streamline your schedule, perform at your best and be yourself.

You  will adore the location and the shared spaces… too! Enjoy its gym, study rooms, leisure areas, music room... 

Being a Ronces girl is synonymous with: being lucky. Lucky to have a family that supports your project and your future; lucky to be able to share your time with so many different friends; lucky to have activities designed by and for you; lucky to have people who are going to care about you; lucky to live this process of personal growth with optimism, respect and company. 

From chococharlas, testimonials, reading clubs, personal training, karaoke, movie nights and series marathons, themed dinners, visits and excursions... to contests. 

Ronces does not contemplate hazing. We organize a welcome day in which we can meet all of you, regardless of the course you are in. It is an opportunity to live together and undertake this backpack-free experience of the past.

We organized the mentoring program so that classmates above yours can guide your way and you can have mentoring sessions, so that you shine with your own light and rewrite your steps. 

Our location is excellent (according to our actual residents). In less than 5 minutes’ walk supermarkets, banks, cinema, bars, copy shops are all nearby...

To know the exact distance to your faculty, we advise you to put our location on Google Maps to subtract a few minutes from those that indicate that you are usually fast walkers, and a little longer for those who take their time. People mostly walk, but some bring their bikes or scooters which can be stored in a locked and covered area. 

The deadlines are listed on the website within the admision section. It is important to know that the interview period takes place once you have been informed of your admission to the University. If you are interested in living in Roncesvalles, do not allow more than 3 days to elapse before contacting us. 

This course we arranged face-to-face visits coinciding with the access tests to UNAV. Outside of those dates, we can schedule an informal visit, or we can also send you the virtual tour so that you can enter the different spaces of Roncesvalles and enjoy as if you were here in person.

Due to the full occupation of the centre, it will only be possible to access a room if the visit coincides with the access tests, but not on informal visits on different dates. 

  1. Please contact us within 3 days of being admitted to university (upon receipt of your provisional place).
  2.  Send your application form (*) that is requested by mail within a period not exceeding 3 days.  
  3. Wait for us to contact you to schedule a zoom interview with Roncesvalles (if after ordering the candidates you opt for a place).
  4. Make the payment of the reservation of place and deposit and send the commitment of residence and bank details back signed within 3 days from receipt of the email.
  5. Receive with love the definitive confirmation of your place here.

Submitting the application form does not guarantee a place in Roncesvalles. If you are on the waiting list and would like to move up, please contact us. The demand is much higher than the number of available places. 


There is the possibility that you will enjoy a 3% discount on the fee if you make the payment of the 9 monthly payments in advance (in July). 

The first step is always to submit the application form. After it, an automatic mail is sent with the current situation. If there are no places, we will let you know if you would like to be placed on the waiting list. If this is the case, you must send the requirements detailed in the next email to continue moving forward.  

If at any time a vacancy arises, we will contact you to let you know.

We always insist that you know other accommodation options that may fit you in case you we cannot host you.

Achieving a place in Roncesvalles has become a complex mission due to the high percentage of renovation and high demand levels.  

Don't despair… always persevere! No one said it was easy and even if you don't make the first intake, we can have great last-minute signings. If not, hopefully you'll find a place to be happy and enjoy your college days. That said, a lot of people stay down the road, however I hope that is not your case.