Living the university to the fullest is synonymous with... involvement, participation and fun.  

That is why, if you want to keep growing, you can vibrate with the activities that Roncesvalles offers throughout the year and you can even propose what motivates you the most so that we can all live it with you.  

Our activities provide a differentiating value. They are an example of: 

  • How we become a family, sharing our time with colleagues and workers.    
  • How we mature during our time at university and increase our capabilities beyond the merely academic.    
  • How we can contribute to the improvement of the society in which we live.    

Month after month, we organise a wide variety of meetings so that each one can enrich their hidden curriculum and so that we can adapt to the tastes of each one of them.  We plan everything from chococharlas, testimonials from people with great stories of overcoming obstacles, sporting events, board game afternoons, karaokes, visits or excursions, volunteering, reading clubs, theme parties, academic or baking workshops... in which, as well as enjoying ourselves together, we make the most of this great experience.  

Because we all imagine that sharing a house with more than 100 people is only about living together and respecting each other, but you can also grow in: proactivity, leadership, communication, teamwork, listening... in other words, increasing the soft skills that are in such high demand in 21st century companies. We even have committees made up of the residents: canteen, culture and/or coexistence.