Full board*

"You are what you eat".
Our full board takes care of the quality of each meal to be our best version with simple, homemade and traditional dishes.  

There are 2 chefs and 3 assistants, overseen by a nutritionist.

Those who need specific diets, due to intolerance and/or allergy must review their needs when registering to bear them in mind, have been issued a medical prescription and prior agreement with the cook.  

The same occurs if you follow a vegetarian diet..

Sample menu

Varies on a weekly basis.  

During the week the service can be reserved for later, take away in tupperware containers or sandwich.  

Breakfasts consisting of: juices, milks, coffee and hot chocolate, fruit, yogurts, toast, jam, butter, tomato, sausage, cheeses, cereals, biscuits and muffins. 

*Dinner on Saturday not included. 

Top quality

Seasonal products

Organic products

Wholegrain foods

Superfood menus

Round-the-clock reception and attention to female residents.

We have a team of professionals trained in psychology, tourism and education to meet the requirements they may have.


Opening hours

Check-in and check-out times are from 07:00 to 00:00.
Thursdays are also open at 02:00 and Fridays and Saturdays are open every hour throughout the night.

For extra requests: contact Management to be able to respond to them 24 hours in advance. 


All shared areas daily are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. Every week the rooms with bathrooms are cleaned and the sheets and towels are changed.

Reprography and parcels

At the secretariat we have a reprography service to print and bind class notes and university papers. We also keep your orders to one side, meaning you don't have to keep an eye on their delivery and notify you when they arrive.

Medical care

From Roncesvalles we take care of you with primary social and health care and referring you to the nearest health centre (5 minutes’ walk) if necessary.


Cultivation of interiority and development of faith. We share the pastoral activities with the Larraona High School (boys’ school).