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We provide a feminine and sustainable student residence with all the services and facilities necessary for students to feel "at home", in a safe and convivial environment that allows them to focus on their studies.

Our facilities and activities encourage interaction between students of different ages from all parts of the world to make their experience as rewarding as possible.  We foster an orderly and healthy lifestyle with a careful diet, schedule of activities and facilities in which creative concerns can be developed.  
The entire building has been renovated to adapt to the new needs of the students and the sustainability criteria to be environmentally responsible. 


Family, Friendship and Harmony

Calm and study, fun and self-esteem and affection

Organisation, work and excellence


From the moment I stepped foot onto the Roncesvalles premises, I felt at home. Being so far away from everything I saw as comfortable in the United States, I really needed a place where I felt supported, welcomed, and loved. In the time I’ve spent here, I have met the most incredible and accepting people. From staff members, to receptionists, to friends, to classmates, I am more than certain that the Roncesvalles family will be forever cherished in my heart.

Isabel Iguaz

Nutrition student

My experience at Ronces has been nothing but positive. I’ve met the most fantastic, talented and inspiring girls here, and I’m very happy that I get to spend my most important formative years with the residents and staff of Roncesvalles. It truly is a place which makes you strive towards the best version of yourself.

Sofya Solntseva

Biochemistry student


Thanks to the excellent location of the residence, you will have everything at your fingertips

Ubication Residencia Roncesvalles

16 min from UNAV campus. View on map 17 min from the UPNA campus. View on map 8 min from Avda. Pio XII. View on map 15 min from the Ciudadela. View on map 23 min from the Plaza del Castillo. View on map