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The entire residence has been overhauled to modernise and adapt to what residents and the environment need.

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Eco-friendly Spirit Roncesvalles

In Roncesvalles, sustainability is something transversal that resonates throughout the building, its operation and the lifestyle we foster. Living responsibly while minimising impact on the environment is possible.

Shall we show you how?

  • The roof of the building is fitted with photovoltaic panels that generate part of the energy that the building expends.
  • The entire residence has been rehabilitated with bio-sustainable materials, less degrading, more durable and without toxic components, which foster the optimisation of resources and respect for the environment.
  • The air conditioning of the building is achieved with the lowest energy cost thanks to insulating and waterproof materials that balance the conditions of the outdoor and indoor climate and allow the conservation of energy.
  • A smart system controls the light to ensure maximum comfort aligned with minimum consumption. We also use the ECO programmes the appliances offer (washing machines, dishwashers, etc.).
  • Generating the least possible waste is essential to reduce the footprint on the planet. Thanks to an internal network of recycling containers, students and staff can cooperate in the reuse of resources.

We foster a lifestyle aware of the planet's resources being limited and that any act has a bearing on the environment. Through tiny actions, our impact on the planet can change:

  • Responsible energy consumption: Turn on and use what is needed.
  • Waste recycling: Give a second chance to resources that we no longer need.
  • ZERO plastic lens: Avoiding this toxic material is possible by replacing it with reusable components such as cloth bags, glass bottles, steel straws.
  • Mobility: Moving with means of transport such as bicycles through the residence’s rental scheme avoids pollution in the city.
  • Sustainable cooking: We consume locally produced foods produced in a sustainable way following the parameters of the circular economy and avoiding unnecessary plastic packaging. Great for us and the environment.